A Personal and Persuasive Letter – writing and marking

As my first year back teaching draws to a close, it’s been a pleasure to re-visit this end of year writing unit designed to consolidate student writing skills. Our Country encourages a greater appreciation of where we live on Gundungurra lands, and generates discussion on just how well we know our local area.

Having already created a travel brochure to showcase a particular place in the southern highlands, submitted with a completed self and/or peer marking criteria, students then compose a persuasive letter. They must also create their own marking guidelines.

Here are the instructions for this task:

  • you will begin with the information and details from your travel brochure to write a personal letter – imagine you have an overseas pen pal who will be visiting Australia
  • persuade your friend that they should spend at least a few days on Gundungurra lands
  • include specific details about a significant event or activity – expand on the information in your brochure, and/or add fictional elements in your persuasive writing
  • populate your marking guide and submit with your edited final draft personal letter
  • you may choose to include some of the elements discussed in class, for persuasive writing, in your marking guide – some may be combined
    • each paragraph has a new idea
    • descriptive language eg. adjectives and adverbs
    • factual language
    • rhetorical question
    • punctuation eg. exclamation marks and dashes
    • strong opening
    • word choice/hyperbole
    • truncated sentences
    • first personĀ 
    • form: date, address, salutation, close
    • post script (PS)
    • convincing argument

You can read more about the ‘Our Country’ unit here.

*Image from Wikimedia Commons

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