Australian Women Writers Challenge – Book Review 4

Beautiful Death is a fast paced book and a quick and enjoyable read. I was drawn by the cover that declares ‘a DCI Jack Hawksworth novel’ having previously read and enjoyed The Pearl Thief. There’s nothing like a good crime novel to break up the teen fiction and historical novels that are my current reading fare. Quite a contrast in genre and setting until I looked at her website – Fiona successfully writes across many genres, including historical romance, timeslip, child and adult fantasy, as well as crime. Find out more at Fiona Macintosh

The intriguing statement on the front cover: ‘A gruesome crime just got personal …’ draws us to consider the back cover blurb

What prices for a human face?

A calculating serial killer is loose on the streets, committing the most gruesome of murders as he ‘trophies’ the faces of his victims. the public and police force are hounding for results with each new victim.

DCI Jack Hawksworth pulls together a strong and experienced taskforce, but they soon find themselves caught up in a murky world of illegal immigrants and human organ trading. As they struggle to find the link between the victims, Jack identifies something unique about the most recent corpse, and things suddenly get personal.

The medical aspects of this well researched story appealed to me, and I really enjoyed the believable dialogue. Even though I have not read the first Hawksworth novel, there was enough back story in the first few chapters to catch me up on the character. The contemporary London setting was effectively portrayed through descriptions of people and place. There are enough red herrings and possible suspects to maintain interest, though the eventual culprit could be identified by the second half and a suitable final chase doesn’t disappoint.

*featured image from Penguin Books

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