Textual Features in Senior Composition

Building on the excellent work of Mel Dixon and Kate Murphy in mETAphor, Issue 4, 2018, my Year 11 Standard class worked collaboratively to complete this table as part of their study in the Reading to Write common module. The article, titled ‘Discursive Writing for the HSC’ included a table with language features, organised under the headings in the first column, for both discursive and reflective writing.

At Moss Vale High, students are introduced to reflective writing using the 3D Format from Year 7 and are encouraged to write in first person. This style is readily adapted into more formal registers in senior English. There is also a focus on discursive writing that combines language features from text types more commonly known as editorials and opinion pieces.

In class, we have read, discussed and annotated Tim Winton’s ‘Island of Flowers’ from Land’s Edge:a coastal memoir. We will work on our discursive writing while studying Contemporary Possibilities.


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