Moss Vale Tales – mapping our stories

Inspired by our Kick Off with Reading text, Tales from Outer Suburbia by Shaun Tan, students and teachers at Moss Vale High School have shared their stories at each of our whole school assemblies throughout the year. These stories told of thrilling and memorable moments in our lives, about family struggles and humorous events.

During Term Two, students in our Stage 5 Creative Writing and Publishing minor elective wrote stories to explore different perspectives of our school. The brief was to:

Write a story, or fictionalised reality, or prose poem of an event or situation that has occurred at our school.

Success Criteria:

  • be respectful if dealing with a delicate situation – change details
  • focus on a personal perspective rather than a judgemental tone
  • no more 500 words with 1 image – 1 A4 page
  • evidence of peer editing
  • include an interesting title

Each completed story was converted to a pdf and uploaded to a QR Code Generator. A school map was drawn to show the placement of each printed and laminated QR code.

We then collaborated with Moss Vale Public School, over two 2 hour workshops, to create stories with Stage 3 students for their school. This week, at our assembly, we celebrated our successful project – students from both schools shared their stories and experiences. Please enjoy Abbey’s tale Hot, Crazy Sprinklers

I look forward to being part of the Moss Vale Public School’s sesquicentenary celebrations and the launch of their Moss Vale Tales map in September.

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