The Reconciled Writer – workshop #2

my buttoned and beaded heart beats within my tightened chest

silk and card – pierced and forever stitching my memories together

daring defiance from my soft embrace – power enraptures those who dare to test my space

flowing forward, honour bound, each moment stamped on my soul

cash strapped, glass smashed, make a grab

red and glossy, like my desire

tempting in its simplicity

booming, beguiling

a keyboard of conundrums

secret pleasures and dirty possibilities

measured with each stroke

clinically packaged

each stoppered collection of hope

crushed and mixed and taken

or applied with

certainty sent from the mother country

without nurturing instincts

to be shared at a price

packaged without concern for

or reference to

ancient knowledge, wisdom or stories of success by healers far and wide

what powers are possessed by these connections?

awaiting a touch


from humanity to

awaken and enliven

this cool blue plastic with shockingly bright beady eyes and

numbered grin

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