Writing Teachers Wollongong – growing our community of practice

We met last weekend at the Wollongong Botanic Garden near the Outdoor Reading Room. Armed with umbrellas as threatening clouds hovered along the escarpment, we walked among the plantings. When inspired, we wrote descriptive words on one side of our ‘autumn leaf’ and connotations on the other side.

Returning to the group, we shared words and ideas as clouds lifted and the sun shone. We considered different metaphors for gardens and gardening as out prompt for 30 minutes of writing.

When discussing and reading aloud, we recognised shared experiences from our childhood and youth, yet each had a very personal flavour. Gardens are both relaxing and regenerative while presenting an age-old conundrum: nature and intervention as control of nature.

Integral to our wellbeing and very existence, the wealth of writing possibilities suggests a return visit during different seasons. How could you adapt these activities and ideas for your writing?

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