Message in a Bottle – enriching Stage 4 moments

The Police

In term 4, all year 7 classes will participate in an immersion day at the school library as part of our Enrichment Program. This day will involve students in a series of self-selected small group activities that promote independent research and the collaborative production of authentic of their learning. Each faculty devised a project under the heading of Message in a Bottle, and backward mapped the necessary skills that were taught in the final two weeks of term 3.

In English, our project for the immersion day is a time capsule created from recycled drink bottles that will be stored before opening in 2021 when this student cohort graduates from high school. During the designated English lessons, students reviewed their understanding of various texts, and practised skills necessary in

  • letter writing to their future self
  • interviewing another student
  • writing poetry about their families.

Once 7P had completed these lessons, there was time for a change of pace: a song and music video quiz based on the 70s hit single ‘Message in a Bottle’ by The Police. It was a Fun Friday afternoon lesson, and once the quiz was completed and marked, students were challenged to develop their own multiple choice question for this quiz. Download the quiz  message-in-a-bottle-music-video-quiz and consider including some of the more interesting questions below:

How many band members sang?

How many people danced?

What does he ‘fall into’?

How many different locations were used?

How many hooks were on the wall?

What colour jacket was worn by the girl who kissed Sting?

Complete this line: I should have known …

How many times does Stewart Copland flip his drumstick?

‘Love can mend your” …?

How many mirrors are there on the walls?

What is the colour of the light that shines on the audience?



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