Home Delivery – Julia Zemiro takes us on a weekly discovery

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Julia travels around Australia to take some of her favourite people down memory lane. Joining her on the road will be well-known faces from the worlds of comedy, entertainment, arts and sport. This ABC Series – reality / documentary television program – would be suitable as related material for the HSC Area of Study: Discovery. Consider the process and impact of a celebrity and the film techniques that are used to reveal the impact on us and the participant. Be clear about how a specific episode links with your prescribed text – you should aim to clearly demonstrate to a marker that you have a deep and broad knowledge of the concept of ‘discovery’.

Screened on Wednesday, February 24, the episode featuring Stan Grant gave us an insight into a recent history of growing up Wiradjuri in Griffith. This could be related material for Jane Harrison’s Rainbow’s End as there are obvious links such as Aboriginal memories of oppression, yet the male voice of Grant counterpoints the concerns of the female characters in the text. Please note, you do not need to have such a blatant link between your prescribed and related texts – you do not need to include an Indigenous perspective to successfully discuss what is discovered in the related material. However, you do need to know and evaluate the different language features of your related material and write an affective analysis.

Consider these features:

  • Sepia stained opening montage reminds us of the nostalgic or romanticised memory we may have of our childhood – audience is asked to consider what may actually be discovered when we revisit significant locations from our past
  • theme music is upbeat and conveys a sense of fun which taps into out cultural acceptance of the ‘road trip’
  • ‘travelling’ interview actively engages viewer by taking us on their journey – tracking and mid shots are intercut to maintain interest

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  • Stills and archival material adds realism and a sense of authority to the anecdotal revelations
  • Wide and long shots place the participants within the landscape and built environment, for example the moment when Grant reveals the acceptable seating arrangements in the school yard with ‘designated’ spaces for the Italian kids, the Aboriginal kids and the rest of the space was for the whites – Grant and Zemiro walk through the quad, and his hand and arm gestures mimc the size of the space allowed for each ethnic group

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  • effectively links with Rainbow’s End and the issue of suitable housing for the Banks family – we discover the atrocious living conditions of people who lived in a ‘humpy’ – however, Harrison reminds us that this home, despite it’s situation and appearance, was a ‘clean and homely’ place of warmth and love

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  • Poignant memories of living conditions – car in grandmother’s backyard to own home “This was a palace”
  • Grant’s passionate retelling of childhood events reveals confronting reality of oppressive practices ” “This is our dreaming … the stories that tell who you are”
  • Despite the difficulties of his youth, Grant demonstrates a positive outlook and pride in his achievements – similarly, the closing act of Rainbow’s End encourages us to have compassion and hope that together, we can make a positive contribution to acceptance and respect for all members of our society

Find out more about Home Delivery or watch the latest episode on ABC iView.

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