Thesis Statements – conceptual aspects of journey


Journey is a large concept that is most effectively discussed when broken into smaller aspects. A thesis statement needs to represent a student’s perspective and understanding of the overall concept or journey. Each smaller aspect of the concept are then suitable to use as topic sentences that alert the reader and marker to the key idea that will be featured in that paragraph. Work through these activities to develop a personal thesis.

  • Read each of the following statements and consider which ones best represent your own ideas of journey as a concept.
  1. For each person, the journey is different.
  2. If it was up to most people, they would not start the journey.
  3. Travelling on a journey creates a new self.
  4. Going on a journey can be accompanied by many different feelings.
  5. For one person a journey represents progress. For another, it is a catastrophe.
  6. A journey is not so much about where you go but what occurs on the way.
  7. The journey, bot the arrival, matters.
  8. When we travel, we often focus on our destination at the cost of other aspects of the journey.
  9. More than anything else, journeys are about the interpretation of the new.
  10. The transformative effect of journeys derives from the discomfort and suffering undergone in the process.
  11. Journeys into the past are best avoided.
  12. Journeys can strengthen or weaken the bonds of friendship.
  13. It is the involuntary nature of some journeys which makes them challenging.
  • Rewrite each statement to better express your understanding of journey. Consider using an active voice and a wide vocabulary. For example, the first statement could be re-written as:

Journeys are different for each traveller.

Other editing options might include adjectives and /or suggesting specific aspects of journey. Accepted aspects of journey, those closely aligned with physical journey, should reflect on movement, opportunities, challenges, knowledge and understanding. Statement 13 could be edited to read:

Journeys offer challenges that lead to a deeper understanding of ourselves and the wider world.

  • Which statements could be adapted into topic sentences?

* image: overlooking Macquarie Pass, December 1, 2015

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