The Notebook – movie trailer as related material in Stage 5


When choosing related material, it is important to record information that will be used in your response writing. Basic details should be included in your introduction, and more specific textual examples and explanations are for your analytical paragraphs. It is also helpful to have more than one text in mind, and decide which is most appropriate after you have taken notes.

Draw up a table or make bullet points to collect this information:

  • text title
  • full name of composer: director / author / poet /
  • year of release / publication – context: is this a contemporary text or from a different era?
  • text type and genre
  • main ideas / purpose
  • audience
  • specific language features with examples
  • explain / evaluate these features and examples – aim to link to a main idea

The Notebook is a romantic drama that deals with issues that are relevant to all of us: relationships – familial, friendship, and intimate or personal. This makes the trailer suitable as related material if the text you have studied is about people who are in relationships.

Some details that might be helpful for analysing and discussing this text are:

  • rated PG – broad audience, even though there are adult themes
  • background piano music, a slow melody, suits the emotional aspects of this narrative
  • “It was a magical summer. Noah was a country boy, Allis was from the city… they had nothing in common” male voice over foreshadows relationship difficulties
  • flashbacks fade between past and present – used to explore characters and action of the film
  • “They fell in love, didn’t they?” dialogue from older female character encourages curiosity – commercial purpose of a movie trailer is entice people to watch the whole movie
  • “I read to her and she remembers” older male character furthers our interest and links to earlier references of memory and choice shown in the trailer
  • closing image of title on sepia background with cursive script emphasises importance of writing and storytelling


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