Spaces: what will you discover?

Spaces Volume 2

This cover from Frankie magazine’s Spaces Volume 2, became the basis for a writing exercise during one of my last lessons with Year 12. These were the instructions I distributed with the image:


Area of Study: Discovery

You have been commissioned to write for a new anthology titled Spaces.

Compose a piece of imaginative writing that explores an important aspect of discovery for this anthology.


We first participated in some pre-writing exercises:

  • write a list of words that come to you after viewing this image
  • each student reads one word from their list
  • student’s nominate a words, or patterns of words, that stood out
  • write down any interesting words you heard
  • free writing on the topic ‘I remember’ for 10 minutes
  • students volunteer to share their memories by reading aloud – thank, clap and celebrate every contribution
  • choose one phrase from your writing to ‘donate’ to the class
  • students write these on the board – spend some time reading and celebrating these gifts
  • in the next lesson, students wrote their composition in exam like conditions using ideas from these activities
  • share and celebrate!

Read more here: Spaces Volume 2


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