A Taxonomy of Reflection

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 5.27.11 pm

I’ve been meaning to share the work of Peter Pappas for some time – it has been invaluable for supporting staff and students in thinking clearly about their learning.

Depending on the situation, reflection and reflective writing can be productive as an organic or free form process through to a quite structured activity. It may be a new idea for younger students or require explicit detail when writing teacher evidence for accreditation. The questions on Peter’s website are designed for use with students, teachers and principals – it’s well worth reading the three parts to his Taxonomy of Reflection.

These questions have been very useful in framing the Disclose and Decide paragraphs when writing reflectively in the 3D Format (Describe – Disclose – Decide).

It’s also worth downloading the prezi for The Reflective School , too, particularly if you would like to introduce or share these ideas as part of a presentation.

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