Bamir Language Gallery – an update

new look BLG

Congratulations! Our Bamir Language Gallery has now been documenting the literacy achievements and joy of words for more than 52 weeks. This means that the co-conspirators in this guerrilla literacy campaign at Moss Vale High School have met our initial goal of creating bunting each week, or bombing landmarks on our country during school holidays.

In celebration of this milestone, the BLG blog has been given a new look. The home page now features large thumbnails to more effectively provide a ‘quick view’. The focus of each post remains a gallery of images to capture work samples of poetry, narratives, and visual representations of language activities. We also include student and teacher reflections on our work.

The fantastic display of hands for NAIDOC Week is the first post to showcase the new aims of the Bamir Language Gallery. Suggested by Ms Bateman and supported by many English classes, each hand portrays symbols of important aspects of our families and lives. The hands represented the 2015 NAIDOC Week theme ‘We All Stand on Sacred Ground’ as well as the Gundungurra Dreaming story of Mirragan and Gurangatch.

Visit the site to view our achievements and see how our work entertained tourists in London, as well as decorated the National Museum of Australia.

The BLG now enters its second year and we encourage staff and students to become curators of the gallery space. We invite suggestions for future displays in the gallery – please email or speak with the English staff.

new look BLG 1

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