Superherome Festival in Singapore


On my way to the UK this June for the NATE Conference, (more in an upcoming post) I was delighted to find a vibrant display in the forecourt of the National Library Building Plaza to celebrate the Superherome Festival. Originally developed to encourage disadvantaged pre-schoolers and primary students to develop skills for future success, I was pleased to spend time discussing the displays and participate in the making of my own superhero movie.

Bunting is a method of sharing ideas and work that deeply resonates with me through my school’s commitment to sharing language and literacy learning through our Bamir Language Gallery. We also teach a ‘hero’ unit in Stage 4 and I was drawn to the different elements of these cardboard displays with thoughts of incorporating or re-invigorating our program. The image above is the Tree of Resilience where people where are encouraged to share photos and ideas as bunting.

IMG_5566Rexxie, the tyrannosaurus rex, bore a sign stating that ‘Although my arms look small, they are strong. How can you turn weakness into strength?’ Children could then sit and draw their ideas to be displayed as stories, poems and pictures on a huge craft wall.



Todd the triceratops declared: I have three horns to protect my family from danger. How will you protect the ones you love?

A craft area was stocked with all manner of items to allow children to represent their own super power. These displays lead to, for me, the most exciting space, where each of us could star in our very own stop-motion film venturing into a ‘wonder craft’ world and discovering the magic of Superherome.



IMG_5571I chose ‘strength’ as my super power and selected a shield and wings to represent my energy. Then I was photographed in these five poses:IMG_5572

Watch my SuperheroMe Adventure Film: Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 12.10.05 pmFind out more at Superhero Me



2 responses to “Superherome Festival in Singapore

  1. As a method of sharing ideas, what is ‘bunting’? I can only think of how the word is used in craft!

    • Yes Kelli, bunting is the craft bunting. At Moss Vale High, we share poetry, reflections, short stories and other examples of student work by stringing bunting in our corridor. We also have reflection boards where students comment on their work and other student’s achievements.

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