The Drover’s Wife – the story behind related material for Henry Lawson’s stories

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This feature article that shares the recreation of Jeff Carter’s iconic photograph makes suitable related material for the stories of Henry Lawson for HSC Standard English Module A: Experience through Language – Distinctively Visual.

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Consider including these points in your discussion or analytical paragraphs:

  •  —Three page spread – female audience with experience of suburban domestic responsibilities
  • —‘The story behind an Aussie icon’ positions us to recognise contribution of those with ‘outback spirit’
  • —Images – mix of colour and black and white – framed in aqua – recreated pose encourages comparison: impact on appearance of life in harsh conditions
  • — Captions share relationship narrative – from beauty to broken motorbike to ‘bloody good cook’ and children
  • —Pull quote reveals endurance “We still feel the same about each other as we did when the first photo was taken”
  • —Opening paragraph provides heroic description – ‘hauntingly beautiful eyes’ ‘husband in his tattered shirt’ – A sense of serenity permeates the scene.
  • —Rhetorical questions explain impetus for article “Did this mum stay the drover’s wife? Or did she seek an easier life and move to the big smoke?”

Published on May 9, 2011 in the Woman’s Day magazine, an edited version is available online at

A similar article (with large format images) can be found at


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