Dubbo Distance Education HSC Enrichment Seminars

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What a pleasure to visit Dubbo again this year and work with many professionals to deliver a wide range of lectures and presentations covering most aspects of the HSC syllabus and examinations. As an English teacher, this year was particularly rewarding due to the change in prescriptions and module expectations. It is wonderful to discuss texts and issues with teachers and students in (sometimes) quite small numbers. Congratulations to the small and dedicated team for a smoothly run and well organised event!

Although my study notes won’t be attached, I mentioned several texts and related materials that are analysed on this blog. Here is a quick link to those I mentioned – remember you can also find information by using the search function at the top right hand corner, or browse through different pages. Remember, if analysing a song – you must include references to both the music and lyric. If analysing a music video – you must reference all three modes: music, lyric and film. Specific tools for these can be found on my analysing music videos page.

The Black Balloon

Act Yr Age

Will I be enough? (to be uploaded soon)

Billy Elliot

She’s Leaving Home

Since I Left You

Beyond Ballet

Summer of the Seventeenth Doll

Mrs Swipe Speaks Out

The Hard Road

HSC Seminars Dubbo School of Distance Education has organised and hosted the annual two day Western Region HSC Enrichment Seminars for over 20 years. HSC students from rural New South Wales take part in a program of enrichment seminars held on the Thursday and Friday immediately before the long weekend in June at the Dubbo RSL Memorial Club. The aim of these seminars is to maximise the marks of country students by providing them with the most up-to-date information.

In 2013 over 500 Year 12 students from as far as Inverell, Young, Blue Mountains and Menindee attended the seminars. Former HSC markers, authors of text books and study guides, university lecturers and teachers, as well as careers advisers made up the vast array of seminar leaders. Over 35 HSC presenters from Sydney flew to Dubbo to lecture the students and their teachers. Students selected 11 lectures from an offering of over 144. Lectures such as these are usually only offered in the Sydney Metropolitan region with extremely high fees. Some may cost $65 for one lecture whereas in Dubbo attendance for the two days costs $70.

The aim of the seminars is to put students from rural and regional NSW on a similar footing to their city-based counterparts by providing insight as to how students can best achieve success in the various courses they may be presenting for at the HSC examination. Former HSC markers and supervisors provide students with a behind-the-scenes look at the way examination papers are marked in different subjects. The sessions are very practical and give students a better understanding of what certain questions mean and how they can be best answered. Lectures specifically address what the HSC Examiners and markers are looking for in responses.

Many of the students came from smaller and more isolated schools without careers staff. Rural schools often have very young teachers who have not had the opportunity to mark HSC papers, hence the seminars are vitally important to those teachers and their students.

The organising committee of the Seminars consists of a group of 4 teachers from the Dubbo School of Distance Education. The Committee’s task is to coordinate the presenters and the schools and the various venues. Specifically the committee:

• locates recognised presenters, organises their flights, accommodation, timetables the 168 lectures

• oversees the payment of schools’ casual relief

• organises transport and meals for the presenters while they are in Dubbo

• liaises with over 40 schools seeking information about the courses and content that is required to be covered in the various lectures

• organises the collection of fees from students, equipment at each of the 14 venues, and

• prints resource materials provided by presenters for students and run the 2 days

Christine Bray. Taken from the Program Summary 2013/1024

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