The Secret River – people and landscapes clash in the television adaptation of Kate Grenville’s book

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I was very fortunate to see the Sydney Theatre Company’s stage production of The Secret River in January, 2013 (an earlier post) and am very pleased that script is available through Currency Press. The companion book by Grenville – Searching for the Secret River – details her travels to the UK in discovering her ancestors that prompted the narrative. Who knows where our Australian society would be if different settler attitudes had prevailed?

Now, the ABC will be screening a miniseries of The Secret River this year, and I believe it will provide an excellent source of related material for Advanced Module C: Representation and Text – Elective 2 People and Landscapes. Watch the extended trailer.

While we wait for the release date, this brief video and article transcript from The 7.30 Report titled  ‘Secret River reveals echoes of old conflicts’ will provide students with an overview of these texts.

7.30 Report

There is an interesting synopsis on this ABC program advertising brochure, too.


And here’s an interview about the STC production with another synopsis …

Books and Arts

Now that the series is screening, media attention takes up the debate concerning the reality of its portrayal of brutality. One insightful review, by Paul Daley, explores the relevance of The Secret River for all of us

Have we really moved on?

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