Light Horse Boy – our big read for 2015


This year, our school has shared Dianne Wolfer’s effective portrayal of World War 1 titled Light Horse Boy. Every student and staff member has received a copy, with the expectation that reading this book occurs in every roll call. Additionally, each faculty develops a series of lessons and strategies that include Light Horse Boy during this first semester.

Incorporating our Bamir Language Gallery, year 10 students have recently produced bunting to reflect on the impact of this book to date. Find the activity below, and click on the link to look at examples: Bamir Language Gallery


  • Choose a page that you have read from Light Horse Boy.  It could be a double page spread with images and text, or a single page that is mostly text based.
  • Think of how this page has made you think about the experience of people who were involved in the First World War.
  • Write a draft reflection to share your ideas and feelings.
  • use first person and try to relate some elements from the page to your ideas. You might mention the subject of the image, the style of writing, the dialogue, the emotions that characters express.
  • Check your writing and spelling before copying the edited reflection onto a half page of coloured paper or card.
  • if there is time, you may choose to illustrate of decorate your bunting.

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