Working with NAPLAN resources – free verse poetry from prose

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Our year 7 students have been working on their first assessment task which combines poetry composition with an oral delivery of the completed poem.

Whilst several students in my class had completed their poem, others were still working, and I took the opportunity to introduce a previous NAPLAN Reading Magazine as a rich resource. To further develop an understanding of poetry forms, small groups or pairs of students read through the prose extract titled Through the break and I shared my free verse adaptation.

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Students were invited to identify changes I had made in creating a poem from prose, including what had been left out. They were then encouraged to continue y poem, or write their own. What changes would you make to my poem?

Through the Break

Breakers rise like hulking sea eagles.

They glide, then crash,

tossing their prey of bodies and surfboards

hissing to retreat and hurl again.


Standing at the shoreline

Crunching warm shell grit between his toes –

like he did on his old island home,

Where currents were lazy and the waters warm and calm.


Heart hammering, he wades in

Flinging his legs onto his board and

strokes towards the looming curve of green crystal


it’s too late to turn back.


The water wall shimmers and fragments above him.

He dips his board’s nose,

spearing into his fear.

He hears nothing but the dull rumble of the sea.

Small activities that successfully incorporate past reading magazines are a more successful way of reminding students that these exams will take place again, rather than fully structured practice papers.

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