Federation Story – an excellent resource for reading and writing

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While searching for resources, I came across this site some time ago and have found it very useful to share with students from all years and ability levels. Here’s an outline from the About page:

Federation Story is a free interactive exhibition at Federation Square that traces the events, people and ideas that led to Australia’s Federation. It also celebrates the richly diverse stories and events that have continued to shape our country, our culture and our place in the world.

You can become part of this permanent, free exhibition by sharing your personal or family story online.

This is your chance to be part of history and share your personal or family story with the rest of Australia at Federation Square.

The Teacher Resources are quite straightforward, reminding us of the cross-curriculum possibilities for research and writing. Many stories have multiple tags, so by using either a decade or a topic search, it is possible for students to also understand key concepts or themes, and the natural fluidity of these parameters.

Each story has an image or photograph, which provide a tantalising glimpse into the subject: encourage students to suggest what the story might be about.

Upload your own story invites us to decide on a title and write a ‘story description’ of 280 characters (max). Students will quickly realise the distinction between ‘characters’ and ‘words’ and may find it challenging to write a synopsis of this length. Consider using this as an activity to write a blurb for an imaginary back cover, using persuasive language. Of particular interest for senior students, is the opportunity to write an authentic story with an achievable limit of 1000 words.

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