shells – emotional discovery of aging


Deb Westbury’s free verse poem shells affirms our cultural understanding of aging as loss. Published in the anthology Mouth to Mouth in 1990, each of the five stanzas corresponds with different stages of life by detailing explorations of the beach.

Download my annotated shells and a clean copy of shells

In writing paragraphs from these notations, students could answer the following questions:

  • what is the nature of discovery?
  • what is the impact of the discovery
  • how is the experience of and attitude towards the discovery influenced by context?
  • how can we discover through the text?
  • how is discovery represented in the text?

One response to “shells – emotional discovery of aging

  1. Spot on! This is a great text to show yet another aspect of Discovery. It is such a broad concept. Love the poem and thanks for sharing.

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