Stepping up your study


As the HSC approaches, students may need to step up their study program or refresh their strategies. Look at some other suggestions on my Study Skills page. If you have been following a timetable, you might like to mix things up and try some of these ideas:

  • adopt 20 minute study periods with 5 or 10 minute breaks. Think of this as a way to train your brain to be working hard then have a power rest
  • repeat these 30 minute blocks for 2 hours, then have a 30 minute break – go for a walk, do some stretching, have a snack and get the blood flowing again
  • be careful – make sure you don’t take too long a break – and maintain discipline: ask another to time check you or set an alarm
  • finish your break session with some positive self talk to encourage your effort and remind yourself of the reward at the end of the exams
  • think of interesting ways to make links between your study notes and the subject:
    • make recordings to play back to yourself (it is always interesting to hear yourself read: consider where you empahsise words and ideas with your voice)
    • use colour to highlight key ideas in your mind maps and diagrams – aim for a river of knowledge that represents the flow of ideas
    • watch a relevant documentary and check your understanding
    • break up studying alone by discussing ideas with friends, especially if you can share answers to tricky questions – make sure you stick to an agreed agenda then have some downtime

These ideas are from an article written by Diane Phillips which was originally posted on the ETA facebook page by Darcy Moore. Read HSC exam guide: maximising study and minimising stress

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