She’s Leaving Home – making choices that change your world


She’s Leaving Home, written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney in 1967, explores the choice made by a young woman to move into her own world. Similarly, the film Billy Elliot, considers the impact on a young boy’s family when he chooses to follow his passion.

The following analysis may be useful should you choose to use these lyrics as related material for Standard Module C: Texts and Society Elective 2 Into the World. (as discussed at the 2014 HSC Enrichment Seminars in Dubbo)

She's Leaving Home analysis

You have two choices in using this text as related material:

  1. Identify the text as song lyrics in your introduction and treat as poetry using the language features of the lyrics, together with links to the key concepts of this module such as choice, transition, change, consequence …
  2. Identify the text as a song, in which case you MUST also account for the music and how it assists in the creation of meaning

If you are not familiar with musical terms, try identifying individual instruments, such as the harp and explain their effect. Ask yourself: what is the emotion felt by the listener? How does this enhance the meaning of the words at that time? Also, remember that the voice, or vocals, are also instruments. What impact do the harmonies have on the overall feel of this song? How do they help position the reader to sympathise or empathise with the female persona?

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