Hamlet – life is simply complex

Hamlet Studying Shakespeare can elicit a range of responses from students, varying from disinterest to engagement. HSC Advanced English Module B requires students to engage with a specific text in order to develop their own understanding. Hamlet is a popular choice as there is time to explore the complexity of this play – students are not required to analyse related material. Mod B Critical StudyEncourage students to become familiar with the the script and different film versions – this is possible if you set this as holiday homework. During class discussions, identify the focus of these versions before students capture their ideas in a written reflection. Hamlet exploring film versions In helping students understand how Hamlet was received in different contexts, it is worth listening to the ABC Splash interview from ‘Self Improvement Wednesday’ which runs for some 10 1/2 minutes. Words, words, words. A fresh take on Hamlet. Using the suggested learning activities, I created this worksheet. Hamlet Splash questions

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