Vertigo: a stunning exploration of the distinctively visual

VertigoAmanda Lohrey’s captivating novella has been listed as a Prescribed Text for the NSW English HSC by the Board of Studies. Students could explore the images created by Lohrey through her use of language if they study Standard Module A: Experience through Language – Elective 2 Distinctively Visual.

In preparation for my presentation on Vertigo as part of the Exploring Module A day for the English Teachers Association, I came across two interviews with Lohrey where she discusses her writing and aspects of inspiration. Students need to understand that background information on a particular author does not replace their own critique of a text, nor will it help answer a particular HSC question. Reading and listening to Lohrey should, however, provide students with an appreciation of the world inhabited by the author.

Amanda Lohrey

The Fire of Fiction

Amanda Lohrey’s Vertigo

Following the presentation, a request from the small yet appreciative audience was for certain slides to be made available. The full presentation will soon be published in mETAphor, but here is a sneak preview:

context and purpose

urban and rural

grief, loss and distance

On the day, each participant was offered a hard copy of mETAphor Issue 3, 2012 as they registered. Browsing through this issue, I noticed Christine Gietz’ article titled ‘Reading the visual: using Kress and Van Leeuwen for a framework’ which contains several tables, strategies and suggestions for revising key concepts with students. Here’s the link if you are interested in looking at this issue:


Download Teaching Resources from Black Inc. Books.

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