Discovering The Motorcycle Diaries

Motorcycle Diaries

The NSW English Teachers Association is supporting the implementation of the Board of Studies’ HSC 2015-2020 Prescriptions by delivery a series of professional development opportunities, beginning with the Discovery Day at Sydney University on Friday, February 21.


As a nonfiction text, Che Guevara’s diaries provide many opportunities for students to explore different aspects of discovery. These slides and activities are taken from a joint presentation by Mel Dixon and Kerri-jane Burke. they have been incorporated into a soon-to-be published teaching resource available through the ETA at


MCDkinds of discovery

Download the handouts: Motocycle Diaries

Consider using different chapters for students to identify, highlight, contrast or track the shift in different kinds of discovery made by Guevara. This would suit groupwork in order to maximise notetaking, if using an ALARM matrix, and for less able students. One such example discussed at the presentation was that of spiritual discovery – time constraints meant that we were not able to workshop the extracts. Download the annotated extracts: the seven lakes road          stowaways


Many of the ideas in our presentation built on suggested teaching strategies from the ETA Discovery package available to purchase as a digital resource from the ETA at 

Concept of Discovery

2 responses to “Discovering The Motorcycle Diaries

  1. Hi Kerri-Jane,

    I am an education student at UOW, and am currently creating lesson plans on the area of study, focusing on The Motorcycle diaries. I have found resources very helpful. I was wondering if you had the rest of the presentation slides from the presentation earlier this year, as I have tried the ETA website (I have limited access as a student) and have been unsuccessful in finding material/resources for my lessons.

    Kindest regards,

  2. Thanks for your comments, Julie.
    Unfortunately, the other slides are not available on the ETA site as there will soon be a complete resource to purchase. I worked on this presentation with Mel Dixon. It was for teachers who attended a professional development day on the Area of Study. I chose to include some slides and the handouts in my blog because we ran out of time to complete the annotation exercises I had planned. Keep watching this page for the teaching resource for Motorcycle Diaries

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