Hermitude’s The Villain – challenge your assumptions about crime and violence

Villain 1This narrative music video will provoke discussion on ethical behaviour in society – who is the villain?

Villain 2Released in 2012, The Villain reveals the story of theft through a range of characters: young males and females, wearing suits and streetgear.

Villain 3A series of mid shots and close ups show different responses to the stolen ‘prize’ which seems to be a sack of money. Cartoonesque features and movements add humour, yet moral choices become apparent – is there evidence of coherence within the two ‘gangs’ or does the evolving situation push each individual to look to their own interests?

Villain 4The stylisied violence and slow motion action are perfectly synched with the dynamic beats, demonstrating a wide range of dance and free-style movements to reinforce the options each person considers. A seemingly innocent bystander enters the action, prompting a street brawl.

Villain 5

The final sequence and slow fade to white enables viewers to reflect fully on the perennial question: who benefits from crime?

These caricatured criminals allow students to reflect on recent stereotyping of crime, and could encourage an examination of what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. It could be studied in contrast with other media portrayals of illegal activity, particularly those that offer a glamorous worldview.

The Villain is the fourth single from HyperParadise. It’s a dark and pulsating piece of beat wizardry, designed to destroy club & festival PAs. The accompanying music video directed by Kess Broekman-Dattner, sees Hermitude continue on with the dance theme made famous by their j award-winning video for Speak of the Devil, only this time there’s a heist-like twist.

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