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Now that the dust has again settled, and after much chat and reflection, I believe that this year’s annual conference was the best to date!

Despite the typical term four slump, and dreaded discussion about funding and release time, if you can manage to make the conference your teaching will be energised and refreshed. It is an honour to volunteer and work alongside a wonderful team of teaching professionals.

My favourite presentation was S3.7 Affective and effective Innovation within the new curriculum using IWitness. Fast paced and informative, I was busy making links with future lessons and text choices, and looking forward to the inclusion of Stolen Generation testimony from next year. This site,, holds over 1300 video testimonies, multimedia activities and digital resources to encourage deep knowledge through active learning. It allows students to connect with the past, engage with the present and motivates them to build a better future.

There are direct links with the teaching of Advanced Mod C: History and Memory and The Fiftieth Gate, but I think iWitness would be an excellent contextual resource for the upcoming new prescriptions list, specifically Standard Mod B: Close Study of Text and Stasiland. Junior years would benefit from a caring and compassionate approach when introducing this resource.

If you missed the conference, remember to log on to download a range of presentations and papers


The ETA has recently received several accolades, including a prestigious Australian Teachers of Media award for their excellent teaching resource on Paul Kelly. Well done, Eva and Mel. Click here for more details

ATOM Awards

You can download your free resource here:

And that’s not all!

The ETA also won an Innovative Association Award from the Australian Professional Teachers Association. In their notification letter, the APTA Board stated that they were particularly impressed with the areas of supporting teachers through high quality professional development and advocacy for members.

My biggest thanks

goes to the great team of volunteer presenters I led in delivering an overview of new HSC texts for the 2015 Prescriptions. Their dedication and enthusiasm remains inspiring, and my closing thanks for the last session of the last day expressed my belief that the future of “our profession is in good hands”

ED Talk team

One response to “Innovation: the English Teacher’s Association leading the way in sharing the expertise

  1. Hey I recognise most of the faces in that photo – so glad you could review 2015 texts for people, I bet there was a lot of discussion!

    The ETA annual conference is my favourite state conference and I miss going to it a lot. The ETAQ conference here in Brisbane is also a good event, but I still feel a bit like an out-of-towner when they talk about their QCS test and other Queenslander-y stuff. I’ll have to teach up here in a school at some point just so I can completely fit in.

    Happy end-of-term and also a ‘well done’ from me to ETA folks 🙂

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