Australian Story – a great resource for related material

Australian StoryAs a thirty minute documentary series, Australian Story offers original and personal perspectives of different aspects of Australian life. If you ever miss an episode of this excellent ABC television program, remember that iView allows us to catch up later.

A Sapper’s Lullaby screened in October and revealed a distinctive diplomat’s view on working in a war zone. Multitalented, Fred Smith uses music and common sense to create a bond with soldiers and locals. I was moved by his rendition of The Last Post on harmonica, and intrigued by his individual career path.

Suitable for examining many facets of belonging, click on the link to watch the program:

Consider the concepts and key terms associated with belonging to help guide your note taking. Also, record details on different textual features, such as

  • title / sub-titles / credits
  • narration / voice-over
  • interviews: who and where
  • photographs / stills
  • music
  • live footage / re-enactments / archive footage
  • location / settings
  • cinematography: camera shots / angles / movement / cutaways
  • editing
  • introductory comments

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