Warning – Green Day’s lesson for OH & S

Warning tag

As a ‘public service announcement’, this 2001 music video from Green Day was one of the first I used in teaching. Back then, I worked at TAFE Illawarra teaching health and safety modules in Child Studies due to my nursing background. Risk Assessment was the strategy under the new OH & S legislation and Warning proved the perfect way to introduce several important concepts. Essentially, students were asked to identify and record any safety issues in the music video. Then, in small groups, students were required to rank each behaviour or hazard in order of potential for harm. Finally, students had to suggest risk minimisation strategies.

It’s been years since I watched this music video, and I still love the performative style and subtext – a life without risk is pretty much lifeless.

Green Day

Here a list of some of the dangers:

  • removes warning tag
  • shampoos eyes
  • cleans ears incorrectly
  • runs with scissors
  • drinks out of date milk
  • looks at sun
  • drives while using mobile phone
  • eats before swimming
  • runs on wet concrete
  • leaves car unlocked
  • operates machinery after taking medication
  • sexually harasses co-worker
  • runs across busy road
  • crosses police line
  • walks in front of gunfire
  • stands too close to microwave
  • accepts lollies from a stranger
  • eats raw chicken
  • stands too close to tv screen

running on wet pool surround


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