Memory Makes Us a live story by Kate Pullinger

Memory Makes Us - some contributed storiesAs part of the Brave New World conference, celebrated author Kate Pullinger delivered a keynote on Saturday afternoon titled Brave New Worlds: writing for the digital age. She discussed her involvement and writing projects such as Inanimate Alice and A Million Penguins before mentioning her latest collaboration with if:books Australia: Memory Makes Us.

Kate wrote live on Tuesday, July 9 at the Queensland State Library, drawing inspiration from stories contributed to the website. These could be as images, words or a combination. On the day, people were invited to type a memory manually, write on a post-it or tweet. There were varying levels of intensity during the ebb and flow of the day. The finished story was available online for a short time …

These Boots: my legs

I was inspired to donate a memory titled These Boots. Read the story on my Creative Writing page.


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