The Great Gatsby – Luhrmann’s latest masterpiece


The trailer does the movie justice – time seems to move both quickly and slowly as the plot unfolds. An effective short text to use for analysis. Recently, year 10 have been studying and composing different text types, and movie trailers provide an achievable lesson for viewing, discussing, analysing and composing a film review. Plus, the magic of Baz made multiple viewings painless. We used the basic three paragraph format from the 3D reflective writing framework … more specific details to follow soon …

This Youtube version has the U2 song Love is BLindness which helps students identify key ideas of the movie

Whether you know the story or not, the movie is both entertaining and powerful in its representation of 1920s American capitalistic extravagance. I enjoyed the movie in 3D – particularly the typing and letters shifting on the screen – and will probably watch it again. A colleague, Darcy Moore, has written a detailed critique that is well worth reading:

Leo is the greatest

Personally, Leonardo De Caprio just keeps getting better and better!

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