Dust Echoes – Distinctively Visual Ancient Australia

Dust EchoesDust Echoes: Ancient Stories, New Voices is a well crafted website worth considering as a storytelling resource for students of any age. There are excellent student and teacher resources, and a range of stories covering different ideas and issues. Have a look for yourself: www.abc.net.au/dustechoes

Dust Echoes is suitable related material for Standard English Module A: Experience with Language. Specifically, Elective 2 Distinctively Visual’s stories of Henry Lawson. Consider these points that could form the basis of one or two analytical paragraphs:

  • highly interactive – encourages exploration
  • introductory page provides information and sets positive tone – smiling head shot of Tom Lewis
  • caption reinforces credibility by listing accomplishments
  • quirky images and animations bring landscapes to life
  • colours echo the different environments of Australia – ochres, reds, browns predominant
  • circles of stories imitates walking trail and movement between places
  • some stories are told through visual medium with music eg. Whirlpool

Alternatively, download the worksheet with questions designed to prompt students to include specific techniques and features, with examples, that could be written into paragraphs.

Dust Echoes worksheet

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