Oh Yeah Wow

Darcy PrendergastHow lucky was I to catch Darcy Prendergast on ‘Take Five’ this morning! Of course he cited Mark Romanek as one of the great music video directors – can’t agree more! Love Nine Inch Nails Perfect Drug (definitely will appear on this blog soonish). He spoke about his work and experiences making music videos – too much to detail now as I’m still taking it all in …

Oh Yeah WowLuckily, Darcy and his creative friends have a website so I can take my time and watch some great music videos. I can see this as a great resource for my lessons, and hope to share these ideas at an upcoming conference for English teachers and HSC English seminars. Music videos are the perfect multimodal texts to engage students, and encourage creative collaboration.

If you would like to hear the whole interview, and watch some of music videos that Darcy discussed, check out Mornings with Zan and head for the ‘Take Five’ page.





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