DIY Music Video: Matt Hall – pilot with passion

Matt Hall takes to the skies

Wish I had the skills to make a music video to capture the breathtaking flying display I witnessed yesterday, May 5 at Albion Park! It was as if I saw a live music video: Matt Hall flew a 12G ride with the blaring sound of Underneath the Radar by Underworld and Powderfinger’s On My Mind. Also a pleasure to speak with, sign autographs and pose for photos! Inspiring and well worth watching – hopefully he continues his career in the Red Bull races. Watch the full clip of this flight at Here’s hoping someone can edit a music video for Matt – I suggest Powderfinger as the music, rather than two songs. Perhaps I can convince a student to do something …

Us Navy Blue Angels and Van Halen

It made me think of a recent early Saturday morning Rage viewing: the programmers do so well somedays. Probably to celebrate a Van Halen tour, Rage played the US Navy Blue Angels music video for Van Halen’s Dream. If you haven’t seen this precision flying, here’s the link to Youtube Can’t really do better than this for combining real action and skill with music and lyrics.


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