Reflecting on Creative Writing

www.personal.psu.eduStudents who took part in the Just Imagine creative writing workshops were asked to reflect on the experience using my 3D Format – Describe, Disclose, Decide. It is quite heartening, as a teacher, to read what students consider to be the important elements of an activity and how these skills will be used in their future writing.

Read some reflections here. More can be found on the Just Imagine page and also on my Reflective Writing page.

Mara reflected:

On Friday the 15th we all went to the art gallery to study artworks. I chose the painting ‘Untitled’ and spent time taking notes and ideas for my finished product. On Friday May 22nd, we went to the Kiama Library and discussed our ideas with each other. Ms Burke helped us think of new ways to describe and think when telling a tale.

We had a number of activities to help us gain ideas for our story and had time to think. While I was writing my story I kept changing the ideas or even the main part before I was satisfied. I sometimes found it frustrating because I would change it so much that I could hardly read it any more resulting in having to rewrite it again and again. I would have to admit that I would have preferred to not have to base out stories on a painting but on our thoughts as I find it almost controlled in some emotions or looks.

I have learnt to remember to use all our senses and have learnt to indent. I shall be better at story writing after more practice and ideas and have found it easy to write about something that relates to my thoughts and ideas. I have always liked story writing but can still sometimes find it hard to stay on task.

Erin disclosed:

During the workshop we all discovered how to fulfill the marking criteria and became more aware of sentence structure and dialogue. We all discovered our creative persona and learnt a lot from each other.

I can now use these writing techniques in future stories or narratives. It was a very rewarding day which everyone took something from.

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