Django Unchained – a memorable western

DjangoCertainly a movie worth seeing on the large screen!

Tarantino has effectively taken me back to my youth and the great spaghetti westerns – full of humour, brutality and passion. The opening rich red credits are reminiscent of the sixties, with an eclectic soundtrack to challenge older audiences. The  prodigious use of the ‘n’ word effectively removes any lingering potency, while the funny and humiliating flour bag scene obliterates respect. Particularly amusing is the Aussie sideshow, including a shonky use of ‘mate’ that reduces Tarantino to a crater, yet fails to deviate Django from his quest. The simpering sister is almost too much, with Jackson referencing the wizard of Oz in showmanship and rat cunning. I loved the use of silhouettes – mirrors, doorways and the gravel path.

Worth several viewings!

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