2012 TESOL Seminar 5


Even though the technology wasn’t reliable, I appreciate the warm welcome and thanks from all present. It isn’t easy to give up a Saturday, all day, mid term 4 to be involved in professional development and the commitment from teachers is exemplary.

The prepared hard copy handouts came into there own as I tap danced my way into the presentation on engaging students through music videos. Most importantly, the 3D format is a writing scaffold to support students towards achieving confidence in creating analytical paragraphs. The tech support couldn’t revive Powerpoint, so Youtube became the backup for individual music videos.

With thoughtful questions and shared examples, the final session of the day was certainly enjoyable. There was only a brief moment of ‘jazz hands’ as the internet needed re-connecting.

There really wasn’t time to mention several relevant and interesting details from an article published in the latest Australian Journal of Language and Literacy. (Vol 35 No3 2012)



‘Approaches to teaching low literacy refugee-background student’ by Joel Windle & Jenny Miller from Monash University documents many succesful strategies. Importantly, they suggest that current ideas of “…using student’s prior knowledge and carfeul sequencing learning through phases”(p 320) works perfectly with the 3D process.The handouts provided are an example of “Modifying difficult texts …” and assist students to develop “vocabulary through meaning”. This scaffold is also an”… essential precursor(s) to independent writing …” (p 321).

I recommend reading the article in full.

This journal is published by the Australian Literacy Educators Association.

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